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North Vancouver Chiropractic Services

At VanCityPro Chiropractic located in North Vancouver, BC. We heal and treat pain with chiropractic treatments, rehabilitation, physiotherapy & electrotherapy, and active release techniques.

Dr. Reza Khamneipur a North Vancouver Chiropractor has over 10 years experience in the chiropractic industry. He has been treating North Vancouver patients with attention and special care.

Chiro Appointments

Please call 778-995-7246 (PAIN) to make an appointment with Dr. Reza Khamneipur, B.SE, DC for your first examination or follow up chiropractic treatment. We look forward to hearing from you.

Emergency Cases


Call 9-1-1 or go immediately to your closest hospital emergency centre if you have been in a major accident or are experiencing:

Trouble breathing, or catching your breath
Severe abdominal or chest pain/pressure
Weakness or tingling on one side of your body
Loss of consciousness
Heavy bleeding

VanCityPro Chiropractic Center – North Vancouver Chiropractor

Welcome to our North Vancouver Chiropractic Health Care Center. This incredible health facility was designed to allow the community of the North Shore to receive the most advanced evidence based health care today. Dr. Reza Khamneipur, D.C. is a licensed and certified North Vancouver Chiropractor. His approach to chiropractic patient care is based one part on the latest science and techniques and the other part deep rooted philosophy on how to help patients without drugs or surgery.

Our main focus is you, the patient. And our goal is not only to create results but also to allow you to partake in the activities of daily living. We encourage you to take care of your health inside and out. Therefore, please call us at Vancity Pro Chiropractic Corp. today and book your first chiropractor appointment.

At Vancity Pro Chiropractic Corp. we believe in Honesty, Integrity and Best Practices. What does this mean for the North Vancouver Chiropractic, North Vancouver Physiotherapy and Vancouver Physiotherapy community. Well, Chiropractic North Vancouver, Physiotherapy North Vancouver and Physiotherapy Vancouver patients are treated with the mindset that they will always receive the best practices to give them the power to navigate their own recovery.

At Vancity Pro Chiropractic Corp. we provide the latest North Vancouver Physiotherapy modalities to provide our patients with state of the art health care. Physiotherapy North Vancouver and Physiotherapy Vancouver patients whom need such benefits of inferential therapy also known as electrical muscle stimulation can rest assured we have your back! North Vancouver Physiotherapy Patients whom are searching for a new approach to healing chronic and acute injuries should give us a call today to learn how we can help change your life.

Auto Accidents
Back Pain, Neck Pain & Headaches,

Shoulder, elbow, hip & knee conditions
Hand & Wrist Injuries
Sports Injuries

“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

— Richard James Molloy

North Vancouver Chiropractors - About Us

North Vancouver Chiropractor

Want a better and healthier you! Have you ever thought about Chiropractic care? At our North Vancouver Chiropractic location we can help you get stronger and healthier today!

Just call today and get a free consultation with our chiropractor, Dr. Reza Khamneipur, D.C. Our priority is getting you results whether performing better at golf game or relieving your stubborn back pain.

Why Choose Our North Van Chiropractic Clinic:

We accept emergencies for all types of physical conditions and pain
Conveniently located
Friendly and helpful staff
Free parking
North Vancouver Chiropractor Clinic location
Evidence based practice
Experienced and honest Chiropractor
State of the art equipment
We offer Activator non force treatments
We educate you on your condition
We offer a safe alternative to surgery and drugs

Meet Dr.Khamneipur

  • Chiropractic

    Getting you out of pain and back in the game of life is our number one priority!Meet Our Doctor →

  • Neurology

    Over 10 years experience

    Did you know that your nervous system controls your entire body’s conscious and unconscious movements. Protecting and maintaining your spine is vital to good health!

  • Orthopedics

    Dr. Reza Khamneipur B.SE, DC

    Over 10 years experience

    A custom physical examination is the key to getting to know the root of your condition. Orthopedic examinations will help us locate the cause of your pain!
    Contact Us →

North Vancouver Chiropractor – We Treat The Following Conditions

Back, Neck Pain & Headaches

Shoulder, elbow, hip & knee conditions

Hand & Wrist Injuries

Sciatica & Disc Injuries

Auto Accidents

Sports Injuries

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