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Triton DTS Spinal Decompression Therapy

Triton DTS Decompression Therapy

North Vancouver chiropractor Dr. Reza Khamneipur, DC has been giving his patients 5-Star personalized treatment for over 10 years. Today, in his Vancity Pro Chiropractic Corp. Clinic he specializes in using the highly effective Triton DTS® Decompression Therapy Table as a non-surgical treatment for patients with neck and back disc herniation, significant radiating arm and leg pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

“At Vancity Pro Chiropractic, we use Triton DTS® to heal the chronic pain these conditions cause – without the use of drugs or invasive spinal surgery,” Dr. Reza said.


Triton DTS® Spinal Decompression is a state-of-the-art therapy designed to help patients with neck and low back problems related to the spine. Patients are set up on the table to secure them for treatment. Then, an advanced computer-controlled system automatically adjusts to the proper ‘angle of pull’, which simulates the anti-gravity effect on your spine and allows the chiropractor to target the specific spinal discs that are causing your pain and symptoms. This body positioning and computer-controlled traction keeps you relaxed and helps herniated spinal disc material return to its normal position, thus reducing disc pressure and pain. Patients typically describe the treatment as a gentle, painless, intermittent pulling sensation. Symptoms that can be treated by Triton DTS® spinal decompression:

■ Sciatic pain that extends down the leg

■ Neck and back pain

■ Diseased or injured spinal nerve roots

■ Herniated discs

■ Degenerative disc disease and/or facet joint syndrome

Treatments that can be employed as adjuncts to Triton DTS® Soft tissue chiropractic manipulation in conjunction with the Triton DTS® has been shown to produce incredible results.

Others are:

■ Electrotherapy and/or advanced scar tissue release

■ Physiotherapy and/or Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

■ Ice and/or heat application to reduce pain and inflammation and speed up healing.

The lessening of pain and inflammation and, above all, the increased range of motion are the greatest benefits enjoyed by patients around the world.

DTS® is safe and many patients fall asleep during the treatment. Also, even though the time is relatively short, the healing process is being enhanced. During the time the pressure is off your back, you may feel a gentle stretching sensation and a significant reduction in pain. The treatment may also help with diagnosis and give physicians a clearer picture of the benefits of expediting the phase-in of rehab protocols.

Dr. Reza says the trained specialists at Vancity Pro Chiropractic Corp. can analyze your back or neck pain to determine whether DTS® spinal decompression is the best treatment for you.

“Clients who undergo a full course of DTS® therapy and who do the recommended exercises at home can look forward to long-term pain relief,” he said.

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