New and Old injuries

We all have scar tissue and we all will develop more in our lifetime, but the majority of us do not understand how scar tissue develops in our body and how it affects us. As a North Vancouver Chiropractor, I reflect back at my time at Palmer West Chiropractic College in San Jose, California. It was in my first year that we had a pathology course and the subject of Scar tissue came up. We studied how the liver creates fibroblasts and lays down collagen fibers down to repair injured areas. To this day, I still explain the same details as I learned long ago. The importance of this subject is that today as Chiropractors we are able to help remove unwanted scar tissue from soft tissues. Two popular techniques come to mind, Active Release Technique and Graston Technique. I became certified in Active Release Upper Extremity towards the end of my Chiropractic program. It was there that I was amazed by the incredible results that this technique could do. Graston soon followed with surgical stainless steel tools that also removed scar tissue.

The results

The results from both techniques are incredible. As a Sports Chiropractor servicing in North Vancouver, I have worked on more than hundreds of shoulders that had rotator cuff problems. As a sports injury chiropractor, I would muscle test to find the specific damaged muscle. There are three prominent shoulder muscles within the rotator cuff group. These are the supraspinatus, infraspinatus and subscapularis muscle. Once I did several courses of the Active Release Technique the patient would see thirty percent increase in range of motion instantly. Over several treatments, the patient would ninety percent of the time regain full range of motion. This seems like a tall glass to swallow, but the fact is that clinically these were my results.

There always is a solution for everything. Many people live with chronic injuries stemming from a sports mishap. A simple twist of the wrist or sprained ankle. Then years of re injuries follow. Do not fret, there is a solution. It is Chiropractic.

The Real Deal

Yes, scar tissue once removed allows the body to function properly again. Let us dive into how scar tissue develops on the body. Scar tissue forms after surgery, or injury to the body. According to the page Scar on Wikipedia the body will produce very similar collagen tissue as was there before, except the new tissue is less elastic and instead of having a cross fiber structure has parallel fibers. This seems to be the main reason why people who injure their calves, ankles, shoulders, back and other joints always find less mobility and recurring pain and injury that joint. This is because the new tissue surrounds the injury sight and lays down tightly to protect and heal the area. Scars also develop over months and years and becomes very dense. This new structure will block off proprioception and is much less elastic.

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This is the cause of so many re injuries to an existing injury. The new joint or area is much stiffer due to its tensional stress and has less proprioception, which communicates where a joint is in time and space at all moments to the brain. There are also different problems that occur due to scar formation to different organs and structures but we will keep focus on the soft tissues that connect to our bones. This is why techniques such as Graston that has been around for centuries is known for its acronym IASTM, which is known as instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization. These tools have been around for a long time and used for removing scar tissue. By doing passes on the muscle, unwanted scar tissue is removed. By comparison Active Release Technique uses the practitioners thumb or hand pressure to remove scar tissue. This is done by putting the specific muscle or tissue in its contracted state, pinning down the muscle and then having the muscle go through active or passive range of motion. Because the bad tissue is trapped under the practitioners grip it is forced to break up during range of motion. It should also be noted that scar tissue forms as a result of trauma to the body. Trauma can be sitting on a chair causing stress to the pelvis and back or an auto mobile accident causing whiplash. During whiplash the anterior muscles on the cervical spine are torn and heal by excessive amounts of scar tissue. Subsequently, the cervical spine is pulled forward due to the scar tissue and the lordotic curve is lost and replaced with a military or reversed curve. Even worse, disc and bones will degenerate and symptoms will persist from the neck, shoulders and down the arms. Our bodies are always going through stress. However, when there is considerable trauma to the tissues major scar tissue formation occurs. Smaller injuries to the surface of the skin heal without much issues.

Let us help

In conclusion to this blog about Scar tissue, it has come to my attention how important it is as a Chiropractor to educate everyone on the success of these incredible techniques. We have to remind each other that it is possible to recover from long standing injuries. But there must be a different course of treatment. The remedies of the past will not work.

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