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What is the deal with IASTM?

What is the deal with IASTM?

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What is all the fuss about instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) technique. Just recently I signed up for Smart Tools plus seminar in Portland, Oregon. I purchased a set of smart tools as well as enrolling in a two-day seminar. Before the re emergence of IASTM, techniques such as active release technique were dominating the chiropractic, registered massage therapists and physical therapist seminar circuit. Active release technique, which I have attended for their upper extremity seminar is an advanced scar tissue release technique that is designed to deal with nerve impingement, repetitive trauma injuries, pain syndromes and old injuries. There are many other techniques that address muscle injury and nerve impingement syndromes.

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As a North Vancouver Chiropractor, I have had excellent results using active release technique on shoulders, the upper thoracic spine and the cervical spine. The most common disorder I have addressed is rotator cuff tendonitis. As a North Vancouver Chiropractor I always muscle test each specific muscle and look for pain and weakness. Once the isolated muscle is identified I would perform active release technique. The only draw back with using my hands as a muscle reparative system is that the stress on the thumbs and hands can cause arthritis in the long term.

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Ready to get back into your favorite sport or back into your daily activities. Dr. Reza Khamneipur is here to educate you on your pain syndromes.


Smart Tools Plus is different than other instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, as it is not modeled solely on the Chinese practice of Gua Sha. Other IASTM tools promote bruising of the skin. In order to understand why bruising is wanted we must go back to Gua Sha. The name Gua Sha translates into scraping in order to lightly bruise the skin in Chinese. Scraping is said to promote healing by causing an inflammatory response to remove scar tissue. Smart Tools Plus does not promote bruising even though it may occur. Instead we are taught to focus working on the tissue affected with the specific tool and also using active range of motion with the tool to remove adhesions and also lengthen fascia.

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Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization or IASTM is affective for many conditions. IASTM is beneficial for Patients suffering from repetitive cumulative trauma, sports injuries, automobile accidents, lifting injuries, muscles spasms from emotional stress, and other traumas.

As a North Vancouver Chiropractor, using ergonomic surgical stainless steel tools will allow me to prevent having stress on my hands from treatment. There is more leverage or pressure per square inch with Smart Tools in the low back muscles such as multifidi and quadratus lumborum than using your hands or thumbs. From my experience I would recommend starting off with 3-4 treatments for most scar tissue adhesion syndromes where pain and limited range of motion are present. Treatments should continue as long as range of motion is increasing and pain is decreasing with each proceeding treatment. After the first treatment pain and bruising are likely to occur. As with working out for the first time in a long while the bodies tissues will become sore due to load and stretch. Thereafter, the body should have tolerance to the treatment. Therefore, soreness should subside after the second treatment. It is also very likely that that no soreness occurs after a treatment. Every body and every person’s pain tolerance will vary so it is not a one size fits all theory.

I hope this blog gave you some insight on the benefits of IASTM treatments. At Vancity Pro Chiropractic, our main goal is always to provide you with the best care. Feel free to contact us for more information.