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How to Lose Weight – North Vancouver Chiropractor Expert Explains

There is no question that gaining weight can cause long term health issues for anyone, but more importantly ignite physical disabilities. The battle against obesity and weight gain has become a social issue that is way too real. When your neighbor suffers from obesity there may be a concern, but when you suffer from it there may be an epidemic of weight gain. First of all we must understand what categorizes a person as being obese. To determine whether a person is overweight or obese a standard calculation is applied. To derive at the outcome, we divide a person’s weight by the square of a person’s height. When the outcome is greater than 30kg/m 2 the person is considered obese. Obesity can cause cardiovascular disease, diabetes type 2, sleep apnea and depression. Moreover, the one disease not talked about much is osteoarthritis. How do some of us gain weight or become obese in the first place.

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Sedentary lifestyles with low activity levels plus high caloric intake will eventually lead to a steep incline in weight gain. Others may suffer from genetic issues or endocrine imbalances that cause unfortunate weight gain. Humans have become much less active than a 100 years ago or from the days of hunting and gathering. Unless you live in a cave somewhere you will not be muted from all the diet gimmicks or quick weight loss schemes. As a North Vancouver Chiropractor that is concerned about my own weight issues, I have tried many low calorie plans to reduce my own weight. I currently partake in intermittent fasting several days during each month, limiting caloric intake after dinner and increasing my activity levels throughout the week.

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Nobody should suffer from health ailments. Weight gain is something we all fight against. Not just from an aesthetic point of view but a health point of view. As a North Vancouver Chiropractic Centre we care about our community’s health.


Intermittent fasting has been proven to reduce glucose levels, insulin levels in the body during the fast. On the contrary human growth hormone, which is secreted from the anterior pituitary is elevated dramatically during fasts. Fasts are a normal part of every human. Normally, when we sleep our bodies undergo regular fasting states. During hunting and gathering times in history humans would have elevated growth hormone levels and cortisol levels to be more alert and ready to capture their prey. One draw back with fasting is that cortisol, which is secreted from the adrenal glands increase during periods of starvation. Therefore, it is key to keep yourself stress free during periods of fasting not to put your body under undo stress.

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There are many tools available to fight against the obesity and its side affects. Be prepared to support loved ones and those that may have difficulties with their health issues. We must not judge others but accept and give a helping hand to those who need it. As a North Vancouver Chiropractor, our office is open to those who suffer from a whole host of physical health ailments. 

Otherwise, during normal eating periods I make sure that I keep my blood sugar levels balanced and try not to over eat. The affects of obesity are so far reaching that many people find themselves in a matrix of health issues. Trying to recover from them seems almost impossible, rather just reducing their weight can be the all in one fix. Obesity is rather dangerous for our spines and joints. The extra weight on your body can put tremendous stress on our lumbar spines, hips, knees and feet. Most people are not aware that there L5 discs take the brunt of 70 percent of the load of their bodies, while L4 takes 20 percent of the load and the remaining three lumbar discs take 10 percent. That is precisely why the majority of the population suffer from sciatica, which is the nerve that exits the L5/S1 joint and goes down the back of the legs.

Even worse is that obesity will put a tremendous amount of stress on the knee joint. Most obesity sufferers suffer from excruciating knee pain. Most of which, causes non-reversible osteoarthritis. The additional weight on our joints causes a rapid decay of bones and a fire storm to our cartilage and discs. It is because of this that patients suffering from obesity should seek their North Vancouver Chiropractor to immobilize their joints and give advice on regaining their life. However, they should also seek help from nutritionists and Medical Doctors on a course of treatment as well. There is a show called 600LB life, whereby a Texas MD helps obese patients have gastric bypass surgery to help reduce their weight. For some, emotional issues such as childhood trauma can be a big cause of over eating. Addiction is also a major problem plaguing the obesity epidemic.

Any way we look at obesity it seems to be a catastrophic issue facing our society. The burden it puts on the health care system and the damage it does to those facing it and their loved ones is catastrophic. It is also worrisome that obesity is on the rise for adults and children in North America. At VanCity Pro Chiropractic, we take all health issues seriously. If we are not equipped to deal with your Medical ailments we will refer you to the appropriate specialists. Therefore, feel comfortable to have a candid conversation with your North Vancouver Chiropractor or just your local North Vancouver Chiropractic center for tips on how to regain your life back.