Honey, I got into a car accident in Vancouver! What should I do now?

Car accidents are not an easy experience to go through as it may take a toll on your bank account and cause bodily injury. Even more, there is always a chance for serious injury, death or paralysis. As a North Vancouver Chiropractor, I have a lot of experience treating car accident patients. The diagnosis for a patient who would have had an accident is whiplash. Whiplash refers to a quick back and forth snapping motion of the cervical spine associated with trauma to the soft tissues caused by a motor vehicle colliding with another vehicle. In this blog post we will discuss the injuries caused and the outcome years later from an automobile accident.

According to the Medscape Journal online article, Biomechanics of Minor Automobile Accidents, research shows that motor vehicle collisions that have close to no physical damage are statistically rare to produce symptoms for the occupants involved. Even more interesting is that in countries that do not have settlements for bodily injury, pain outcomes and injury are close to zero. This shows the relationship between financial compensation and pain levels. Moreover, an explanation for pain when there is no damage would be psychosomatic in nature. Furthermore, car accidents add up to twenty-nine billion dollars a year in litigation cost in the United States.

North Vancouver Chiropractor Treats Whiplash Patients – Back and Forth Motion From Whiplash

There is however a direct correlation between substantial accidents with large damage and chronic pain. Therefore, car accidents cause functional disability long term and should not be taken lightly.

Whiplash as stated above is the result of a rear end collision that causes cervical spine injury. Reasoning being a whiplash is that the neck is pushed into extension immediately and headrest becomes your saving grace. If the head rest is not present or for any reason the neck does not get stopped by the head rest, then the rear joints known as the facet joints and ligaments will become the only thing to stop from further extension. The neck will go through shearing, tension, rotation, backwards motion and finally a thrust forward.

Car accidents can hurt and may cause long term injury. The great news is that Dr. Reza Khamneipur, D.C. has your back and is ready to get you back to our optimal health.

The Wiki never lies! – About Whiplash

According to Wikipedia.org’s page on whiplash, during acceleration deceleration accident the thoracic spine is put under tremendous pressure and is subjected to axial load. This in turn transfers massive load to the lumbar and cervical spine. However, the thoracic and lumbar spine due there position is protected from large movements. The cervical spine does however undergo major trauma. The cervical spine reverses its normal curvature and creates a military curve or reversed curve. As the front of the cervical spine is pushed back and forth masterfully fast the anterior longitudinal ligament becomes traumatized. The micro trauma causes adhesions to build up and the ligament tightens to cause change in the curvature to the cervical spine. A normal spine should have a lordosis throughout the cervical spine. This in conjunction with the rest of the spine balances the stress on the spine and allows the nervous system to function properly. As the cervical spine reverses its course a person will start to experience pain in the back of the neck, shoulders, numbness tingling in the hands, and headaches to name a few. In terms of physical changes the person will develop spondylosis to the cervical spine, degenerative disc disease and nerve compression. The changes generally occur at C5, which is the apex of the cervical curve.

Do not wait to get help for your car accident. The longer you wait the higher the chances of long term pain and disability.

What is the prognosis of a whiplash patient? The prognosis is moderate to poor, and long-term dependence on medications, neurological deficits, and surgery are highly common. Expected residual symptoms consist of moderate to severe neck pain, right shoulder pain, right arm numbness/tingling, thoracic pain and low back pain are expected.

As a rule, soft tissue injuries, specifically sprain/strain injuries readily heal. However, they heal with scar tissue. Current literature notes that this alteration in normal tissue subsequent to healing of sprain/strain injuries is the fibrosis of repair”. This fibrotic repair tissue will exhibit three things:

  1. It is weaker tissue
  2. It is less elastic
  3. There is an increase in the anatomical number of nerves fibers into this healing tissue, which makes them more sensitive to future stresses and strains.

Therefore, people so affected by the healing residual of soft tissue injuries will frequently experience symptomatic exacerbations secondary to the use of the once injured parts. It should be noted that it is likely that any activity that causes increased stresses on the once injured ligaments and muscles of the cervical spine will create a symptomatic exacerbation of the patient’s condition.

North Vancouver Chiropractor for Car Accidents

Chiropractic care is an excellent choice to help alleviate pain and suffering after a car accident. Furthermore, Chiropractic care can help reduce long-term disability caused by trauma. By means of scar tissue release, realigning the cervical spine and restoring motion back in the spine, Chiropractic is your number one choice for injury caused by auto accidents.

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