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North Vancouver Chiropractor Active Release Technique Reduces Soft Tissue Injuries!

North Vancouver Chiropractor Active Release Technique Reduces Soft Tissue Injuries!

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The Right Chiropractor – North Vancouver Chiropractor Expert Gives Candid Conversation

As a North Vancouver Chiropractor there has been many experiences that has given me the tools to create a North Vancouver Chiropractic Clinic that gives patients results. It may seem odd to talk about creating results as a clinic, but to be honest there a lot of Pain Management Clinics that focus on profits rather than results. After having a candid conversation with a patient who asked me what my goals were for the next 5 years I answered him rather oddly. His expectations of me were to give him a benchmark number of patients and revenue goals that I would reach. Rather, without hesitation I told my patient that my 5 year goal was to help as many patients get out of pain and increase their mobility. After many years in practice and many years on this planet I have gained a lot of insight about the important of relationships and how they might be the reason we are here.

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Relationships between each other are the most powerful change one can make in his life. Having the influence to change another persons life in a positive way can change not only yourself but a lot of people. I find it my duty to help other people learn how to safely reduced low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, leg pain, sciatica, wrist pain and all other conditions without drugs or surgery. As a North Vancouver Chiropractor it has become my mission to transfer as much knowledge to the community as possible. In some circumstances it means you put patients before profit and become the persons health advocate. Giving information on how they can navigate their condition even if it means you are not in the equation. Without getting to Spiritual or Religious it seems the energy we put into others will always be remembered once we are gone. Our memories will live on forever. Whatever you believe in whether Christianity or Judaism or whether you are just spiritual and have your own beliefs this can apply to your own personal faith.

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Healthy relationships can help reduce pain and suffering. By improving relationships in your life you can help acute or chronic conditions and reduce the stress to the body. But there is no substitute for your North Vancouver Chiropractor.


Therefore, we must also learn and create new adventures to be able to help others in the journey we spoke of earlier. One of my greatest adventures has been going to an Active Release Technique Seminar in San Francisco. The truth is I had a great advantage going to Active Release Technique as I was almost a graduate of Palmer Chiropractic College in San Jose and had taken an incredible healing massage course at Just for your Health massage school in Willow Glen, San Jose. Having a 100 hour massage course certification allowed me to connect and understand the layering of muscles better. Therefore, when I took the 3 day seminar I was able to excel at Active Release Technique. The education and experience I received at the course was mind blowing. How was I so fortunate to learn so many incredible protocols for fixing upper extremity conditions. The course was the first major step in my journey to becoming a North Vancouver Chiropractor.

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Call Vancity Pro Chiropractic for more information on how to live a healthier lifestyle that is pain free and full of smiles!


The amount of joy and health are in your personal journey is endless. Let your story speak for you. Allow your body to heal from any injury you may have had. Call your North Vancouver Chiropractor for pain relief today!

Along my journey there has been many people who have had a misconception regarding Chiropractic care. My good friend in California was a Silicon Valley executive with a PH.D from Stanford, who always had some doubt about Chiropractors ability to create results. It was evident after visiting them this year and them requesting my shoulder protocol to improve and restore range of motion to their shoulders. They told me they kept asking their Physical Therapist at a prominent hospital to do the same technique I did, as the physical therapist was not able to help their shoulder. After one long treatment,  I was able to restore full range of motion to their shoulder joint. That mean full abduction to the shoulder, which is 180 degrees without an pain or stiffness. It had seemed I had gained their complete trust and confidence that Chiropractic has the tools and ability to truly change lives for the better. Now my friend goes to their hospital and Physical therapist and educates them on what I do so that they can learn this new technique and help others as well.

Therefore, my title of this blog was North Vancouver Chiropractor Active Release Technique Reduces Soft Tissue Injuries. The headline should be a catchy title and hopefully have some influence over one patient that is suffering from pain and limited range of motion. All it takes is an idea or a realization that there is a solution to your condition. Maybe a Eureka moment will occur and a conversation with staff or practitioners at Vancity Pro Chiropractic Corp. will ensue. At our North Vancouver office our North Vancouver Chiropractic Team will help you with any low back, neck pain, arm pain, wrist pain, elbow pain, low back pain, sciatica, headaches or any other issues. Whether sports injuries or a car accident we have your back!

I encourage all of you reading this blog to make your own story great. Find what you enjoy and pursue it. Whether a hobby, volunteering or a project at work. Do not let the past define you, rather take charge and be the change you believe in. At Vancity Pro Chiropractic, in North Vancouver, B.C. we have the training and heart to help you. Call us today for an appointment or tell a friend about us. We have your Back!