Why is smoking so bad for us and why do we continue to smoke?

Smoking causes cancer, cardiovascular disease, advanced aging, decreased lung capacity, erectile dysfunction, decreases bone density, stained teeth, cataracts, low back pain, fetal mortality, and many more serious health issues. This is due to the fact that there are over 4000 chemical compounds in cigarettes. Cigarettes contain nicotine, which is the main psychological chemical additive that makes them extremely addictive. Carbon monoxide is also a major additive in cigarettes that combines with hemoglobin in the lungs and blocks blood from carrying oxygen to tissues.

Be smart, do not smoke.

Smoking is the number one cause of non-spontaneous death in the United States. It may seem confusing to why so many of us still pick up this bad habit and continue smoking today. Especially, when there is so much research and insight to the affects of long-term nicotine exposure.

Cause and Effect

For those suffering with back pain, smoking can be a terrible habit. Smoking is a feel good drug that can cause a lot of damage to the body.

Low Back Pain Conditions

Low back conditions are persistent and relentless to deal with. Like the shoulder joint the lower back is a vulnerable area for the human body. The reason why the lumber spine is so prone to injury is the fact that the fifth lumbar vertebra takes 70 percent of load of the body. Then the fourth lumbar vertebra is responsible for 20 percent of the load of the body. Finally the last three lumbar vertebrae are responsible for holding 10 percent of the load of the body. In sum, the lumbar spine is constantly under stress and repair. Every pound lifted past midline is 15 times greater on the low back. Unfortunately, the chemical compounds in cigarettes prevent oxygen from getting to the disc and vertebrae. Smoking causes atherosclerosis and subsequently increased chances of developing spondylosis, which is deformation or degeneration of the spine. As well, nicotine prevents bone from rebuilding and ultimately decreased bone density. Furthermore, smoking also tricks the body and releases dopamine to reduce pain; meanwhile the terrible additives are depleting oxygen to the spine.

As a North Vancouver Chiropractor, helping people get healthy is my number one priority. Educating patients and friends on the negative affects of smoking has been an important task of mine!

Growing up in Canada I was educated at school and at home about the hazards of smoking. I subsequently picked up the habit and was smoking myself for two years. I made a decision to quit smoking and have not touched a cigarette since. Before my experience of casually smoking for two years I never smoked at all. The smell or thought of smoking would make me sick to my stomach. Thankfully, I made a decision to put my health first.

People suffering from low back pain should stop smoking. The body does not have the opportunity to heal itself with all the stress being placed on it. There are many different low back conditions and all of them will be negatively affected by smoking. Take a disc bulge into consideration and the fact that the nucleus of the disc has bulged past the protective fibres. This causes inflammatory factors that help break down bone and discs. The normal blood supply is already limited to the spine and when we continue smoking, healing will be comprimised. Degenerative changes can accelerate and cause long-term disability.

North Vancouver Chiropractor – Let Us Heal You

Chiropractic care is an affective choice for treatment for acute or chronic low back pain. As a North Vancouver Chiropractor restoring proper motion and alignment to the spinal column is my goal. Chiropractic care has its limits and patients who smoke are not allowing their spine to heal properly.

Now that we know carbon monoxide and nicotine are destructive to the body and accelerate low back pain, we need to find solutions on how to quit. How do we break the physical, psychological and habitual habit of smoking. The best way to stop smoking may be to set a definitive date to stop the habit and tell all your friends and family that you may need support in doing so. There should be no tobacco or nicotine products in the home. During this time a plan or course of treatment should be adhered to. Go to your family Medical Doctor and get a referral to a specialist. Other alternatives are hypnotherapy, acupuncture and nicotine substitutes.

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