Walking a mile in the snow

Do you remember when your father used to tell you? “When I was your age I use to walk 3 miles in the snow to school and back home.” Well, I tell the new generation of children tall tales of children growing up without tablets, gaming systems and smart phones. Yes, it is true, people use to play outside with rocks and go biking for fun. It seems far-fetched from today’s world, which is exponentially evolving so quickly that we do not have time to reflect on the changes. As a child, I remember watching back to the future II and recall the scene where Michael J Fox was talking on a futuristic device that transmitted video conferencing with the telephone at the same time. Well, it is 2017 and we already have skype and other free video conferencing devices that would have blown away 1980’s imaginations away. We must discern what is healthy and what may be bad for our children and the youth as a population.

The world is turning, we must turn with it!

As a North Vancouver Chiropractor that has travelled the world, grew up in Canada in the early eighties then moved to the United States and back I have seen a lot of changes so far. Social media is dominating our dinner tables and influencing our decisions. Imagine our kids and how they are developing due to this. Is it our responsibility to limit the amount of time they are playing games or on social media? Above all else, negative changes to a child’s behaviour may not be the only thing suffering. Imagine all the physical changes to their bodies going on.

Are electronics the new bad guy? If superman or batman were real would we be seeing them fight the violent video games that influence our children. Well for now they are not real and we must discern what is good for them ourselves.

Is Electronics the bad guy?

Changes in postures, repetitive traumas to their joints and lack of sleep are all causing negative health effects. What should be done about this? Should we remove all electronics from our kids? It seems very difficult to do so, when we are all immersed in social media and electronics. In order to stay competitive at work you must be up to date with the latest technology. Maybe moderation is the key to keeping a balance between reading, sports and electronics. Mind you as a Chiropractor I do indulge in X box one games once in a while with my step son. We enjoy playing EA NHL Hockey 2017, which I find to be a healthy alternative to the violent games such as Grand Theft Auto (GTA) and Call of Duty. Even so, a small amount of video game playing can cause physical problems still. Kids may suffer from the same problems adults do just in smaller doses.

It is hard to believe the world is changing so fast. Do we go against change or adapt with it. Only time will tell what the future brings.

Upper cross syndrome, which is classified by forward head posture and rounded shoulders is what most white collar workers suffer from. Endless hours working at a cubicle staring at the computer screen with minimal breaks. The symptoms that arise from upper cross syndrome are numbness/tingling in the hands, shoulder pain, mid back pain, neck pain and headaches. If the cause of the problem is not rectified then symptoms can cause long term arthritic changes to the body. Subsequently, degenerative arthritis will develop and cause long term disability. Much like the adult in the scenario just described, children playing games or electronics for hours on end can also develop poor posture that lead to symptoms.

We can help

Children are much more resilient to pain than adults because they are still growing and have high amounts of testosterone and growth hormone that repair the body quickly. Unfortunately, as we age the amount of growth hormone and testosterone secreted reduces. So even if children don’t feel the effects of bad posture and poor ergonomics, they might feel the effects later in their life. As they keep new static postures, their spines will change in posture. They might go from a healthy lordotic curve to a military curve or even a reversed curve in their neck. Why does this matter you might ask? Well imagine a ten-pound bowling ball centered on the top of your first vertebra. If the spine is in perfect balance, meaning the neck and low back curve facing opposite directions than the mid back constitute the same amount of bones as the neck and low back together. If the neck curve reverses and mimics the mid back curve this causes a complete disarray for the spine. The immediate and long term effects are degenerative disc disease, arthritis changes to the vertebrae and a host of symptoms such as numbness/tingling, headaches, reduced range of motion and pain.

If your child is suffering from the effects of electronics it may be time to visit your North Vancouver Chiropractor. At Vancity Pro Chiropractic we have a lot of experience with treating children. We also take children suffering from any pain syndromes very seriously. Whether a spine that is out of its intended design, pain or stiffness to the hand or headaches we can help.

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