OUCH! Yes, that is the familiar word we usually associate with back pain. Picture yourself getting out of your car seat, out of bed, picking up your briefcase, or just trying to sit down meanwhile a big jolt of pain flows through your back. Then you become part of the all to well-known game called Freeze!  Pain is not something anyone wants to experience or deal with on a daily basis. But don’t be fooled pain is not your enemy, the underlying cause of pain is our nemesis. We often associate pain with being the cause of the problem, whereas tears, excessive loading and direct trauma to the low back can be the cause of back pain. Pain, swelling, heat and reduced range of motion are all the signs of a problematic back condition. Some that may be chronic or acute in nature depending on the extent of the injury. Even worse is the long term affects back conditions can leave with us. Debilitating pain, drastically reduced range of motion, chronic inflammation, and mechanical arthritis are all the permanent changes that may arise from various back issues. Therefore, it is time to wake up and get help for your low back pain. Make that call to your Vancouver Chiropractor and start the process of back pain prevention!

Successful people take charge of their health.

By doing nothing for your back condition you are only causing long term damage to yourself. Be proactive, be smart, be successful with life and take charge. Don’t let pain boss you around. Spin the wheels on your condition and turn your back problem into a thing of the past.

Time to make a life changing moment

Carpe diem! So now that we are aware that pain can be reversed it is time to understand why we develop low back pain. There are many causes of low back pain. The example above is just a simplistic view of what may exacerbate the low back. As a Chiropractor we specialize in the low back and neck. Low back pain is second nature to us. Causes of low back pain can be from an auto accident, lifting without proper posture, excessive load on the low back while lifting, direct trauma to the low back, pulling a ligament or muscle in the low back, congenital condition causing predisposed weakness to the low back and many more causes. The low back is extremely important as it is the base of our spine. It carries all the load and responsibility for us humans and animals to stay healthy. Without giving it the care to stay healthy we are compromising our own safety and health.

Pain is not your friend so don’t get comfortable with it. It is time to wake up and say NO more to it. Yes, you have the heart and strength to turn your back from a weak and painful area of your body to a solid and healthy part of your life!

What should we do to change our lives. How can we fix or reduce our low back issues? Well there is a two part dance we must learn. Learning to partake in self-care and getting Chiropractic care is crucial to maintaining a healthy back. Chiropractors are specialized in teaching patients’ proper ergonomics and rehabilitation to keep the back healthy and prevent long term issues. As well, Chiropractic physicians are trained to look for postural abnormalities caused by misaligned bones. Once a Vancouver Chiropractor does a thorough examination a specific diagnosis will be given to the patient. Then a specialized treatment to restore the proper alignment to the body. This may sound like a fast process but don’t be fooled. Trauma can arise from childhood and take patience and time to reverse. So quick fixes will not be the answer.

What are the different diagnosis your Chiropractic Physician can give you after your thorough examination?

  • Sprain/Strain to the low back
  • Disc Bulge
  • Disc Prolapse
  • Disc Extrusion
  • Sciatica
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Ankylosing spondylosis
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Lumbosacral Transitional segment
  • Cancers or the spine

These are just a few diagnoses that can plague your life. Some of these do however have unconventional causes such as spontaneous inflammatory diseases, congenital abnormalities or neoplasm in origin.

Time to make a change in your life. See a professional and get help on strengthening your core muscles to take pressure off muscles of the spine such as the multifidi muscle that helps support posture and loading to the low back. Proper core exercises can strengthen the pelvic girdle and core area and alleviate stress to the low back disc, ligaments, tendons and muscles. However, it may be crucial to consult with a professional before engaging in rehabilitation exercises. Therefore, once you are ready call your Chiropractic Physician for a consultation.

Also make sure you reduce stress at work and home, get a full 8 hours of sleep and drink plenty of water. These small steps can help reduce or prevent low back pain from developing. Small actions can lead to big rewards long term and increased activities of daily living for you and your loved ones.

So are you ready to change your life. Call us today and get free tips on changing your spinal health.

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