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Sciatica & Disc Injuries
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Sports Injuries
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North Vancouver Chiro Treatments – Our Process

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic treatments are a safe and effective alternative to drugs and surgery for people suffering from acute or chronic neuromusculoskeletal conditions caused by traumas, degenerative disease, or repetitive strain injury. North Vancouver Chiropractors are able to help their patients achieve relief from these conditions by detecting and restoring function to areas of the spine, wrist, elbow, and other extremities that are out of their proper alignment. Why do Chiropractors focus on the spine rather than muscles? To begin with, there is a big debate in the physical medicine community regarding whether injuries arise from trauma to the spine or to specific muscles. Do misaligned vertebrae cause muscles to go into spasm or do spastic muscles cause the spine to be misaligned? The answer is that misaligned vertebrae and extremities cause nerves to be compressed or damaged precipitating inflammation, which will reduce the ability of the nervous system to function properly and ultimately cause muscle guarding (when the muscles surrounding the area of injury involuntarily go into spasms to restrict the body from further movement).

The science and evidence are out and we have the answer for our North Vancouver Chiropractic patients. The dorsal root ganglion is a group of neurons in the dorsal root of the spinal nerves that exit the spine at each level. These neurons have the ability to detect different types of stimuli ranging from noxious stimuli (when tissue itself becomes damaged), temperature, mechanical pressure and chemical stimuli. This information will be relayed to the spinal cord and brain to elicit pain and muscle guarding. The result of an injury to the spine may elicit severe muscle spasms and tightness and mask the root of the problem. The brain and spinal cord will cause muscle guarding and pain in hopes of limiting further movement. Once the corresponding treatment such as decompression therapy or chiropractic manipulative therapy is directed to the affected spinal segment, stimuli to the DRG will decrease and the patient will experience a reduction in symptoms.

This is why Chiropractors focus on healing the spine as a primary focus rather than the muscles. Once the proper course of treatment is administered, interferential current therapy, an important adjunct therapy can be used to work on the nervous system and muscles to reduce pain, reduce inflammation to the spine, block pain and prevent scar tissue from forming. By restoring proper alignment, the patient will notice a reduction in pain, swelling, heat and or numbness/tingling. Moreover, competitive athletes who are focused on better performance will notice their coordination and strength improving with chiropractic treatments. Chiropractic treatments range from specialized adjustments, physiotherapy modalities, and state of the art deep tissue massage systems such as active release technique. We also have non-force adjustments known as Activator Methods technique. At Vancity Pro Chiropractic Corp. in North Vancouver we have your back!


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North Vancouver Chiropractors have a secret weapon. Which is the power of chiropractic mobilization techniques. Since thousands of years humans have been using this powerful gift to heal pain and suffering. Misaligned vertebrae and extremities need to be adjusted! North Vancouver Chiropractors have the training and education to detect misaligned bones that cause pain, inflammation, heat and decreased range of motion. Once we find a misaligned bone also known as a subluxation at our North Vancouver chiropractic health clinic we choose the right technique or tool to restore that bone into its proper place. There are a number of treatment techniques for our North Vancouver patients. Activator is the most popular alternative to diversified adjusting technique. Activator methods technique uses a safe and effective adjusting tool, which provides a consistent force, preloaded soft tip, calibrated resonance frequency to block pain and vibrational force to move multiple vertebra simultaneously. The activator methods technique causes no rotation or popping to the spine. There is no cracking noise and the device is faster than the body’s muscle reflex so that no soreness can occur. We also have a Triton DTS decompression table that works on patients with a variety of neck and back disorders. Don’t forget healing takes time and misaligned bones may have been misaligned for numerous years. So be patient and allow the power of chiropractic and patience to heal your body.


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Chiropractic Treatments

Chiropractic treatments cover a wide range of conditions, we will help identify and treat the following conditions:

  • chiropractic treatment for carpal tunnel
  • chiropractic treatment for osteoarthritis
  • chiropractic treatment for tennis elbow
  • chiropractic treatment for knee pain
  • chiropractic treatment for sciatica

If you have any of the above conditions, do not stress! Our North Vancouver Chiropractor will choose the right treatment for you. Do not forget we all heal differently and have different causes to each problem. So it is vital that we look at you as a whole person and come up with a customized treatment program. We have many different tools to help you so don’t be shy to ask how we can help you!


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Stretching is vital to a healthy mind, body and soul. Remember proper range of motion can help keep you pain free and prevent your body from breaking down. Always warm up before any type of stretching. Ask your Chiropractic physician to come up with a stretching protocol for you.


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Chiropractic Treatments – Our Patient Process


When you visit us for the first time, it is important for us to get to know you and determine where you are experiencing pain or discomfort. We will address your work environment, your home life, and any stressors that put a strain on your body.

chiropractic treatment for osteoarthritis Evaluation

By getting a comprehensive look at your situation, we can then begin to address your chiropractic care needs.  

Initial Adjustment

Many people are apprehensive in receiving their first chiropractic adjustment due to the audible noises and manual thrusts associated with Chiropractic treatments. However, there are alternative techniques such as Activator Methods that are non-force and extremely effective. Don’t worry; your North Vancouver Chiropractor will work together with you to choose the most effective and comfortable course or treatment.

arthritis chiropractic treatment Comfortable Environment

Always communicate with your Chiropractic Physician, so that can make you feel as comfortable as possible. You may notice immediate results from your first visit.  

Continued Treatment Plan

If your body has been compromised for a long period of time, it can often take several visits to begin to see the longer-lasting results of your chiropractor adjustments.

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Once your Vancouver chiropractor has evaluated your condition and discussed your needs, they can then determine the best course of treatment to get your body back on track.