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Hand and wrist injuries can be very frustrating and prevent us from continuing our work duties, sports activities, or home life. Some wrist symptoms can be deceiving as the primary cause may be from the cervical spine or pronator teres. That is correct, inflammation or disc bulges to the spinal nerves exiting the cervical spine can cause symptoms at the palm surface of the hand called carpal tunnel. Similarly, the pronator teres, which pronates the forearm can cause nerve entrapment of the median nerve and disguise as hand pain. Therefore, it is vital to consult your Chiropractic physician to determine the cause and proper treatment of your hand and wrist pain.

Learn more about how our North Vancouver Chiropractic Doctor can help identify and treat your wrist and hand pain.

Hand and Wrist injuries characterized by:

  • Wrist Pain
  • Hand pain
  • Swelling
  • Numbness/tingling

Price list


Chiropractic Adjustments $50
Chiropractic Treatment + Physiotherapy Treatments $75
Soft Tissue Therapy $50
Chiropractic Examination $150

 Hand & Wrist Chiropractic Doctor in North Vancouver

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