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Pregnancy and Chiropractic Treatments

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Pregnancy is tough

Pregnancy can be a difficult process for the majority of women. Statistics show almost 50 percent of women suffer from back pain when pregnant. Nausea, pain and immobility can become the wrecking ball for anyone trying to battle themselves through a normal day. Pain can become quite normal during pregnancy as joints can start to shift due to the relaxin hormone. The relaxin hormone is produced by the ovary, breast and placenta. Furthermore, the relaxin hormone functions to increase cardiac flow, renal flow and helps relax pelvic ligaments. This is most apparent during the third trimester as the body must create more room in the uterus for the baby and for the birthing process. As the pelvis shifts pregnant women most commonly experience symptoms of sciatica due to the increased instability of the pelvis and surrounding joints. On average women gain 30lbs during their pregnancy.

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Real life experience

There are some things that you can learn in a classroom, read about in text books or journal and see first with your own eyes. But practicing and treating patients first hand gives you a three-dimensional understanding of the practicality of the any condition. As a North Vancouver Chiropractor, I have treated numerous pregnant patients suffering from sciatica and low back pain. It has been my very own experience that Chiropractic care is extremely safe and effective for relieving the underlying issue of pain and sciatica. It is however, pertinent that a clinician proceeds with absolute caution when treating a pregnant patient.

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The truth is that women endure incredible hurdles when pregnant. Women have to be respected for the rite of passage that is achieved when a baby is born. We must appreciate and honour our mothers, wives, and sisters for the amazing sacrifice they go through. We give all of you a special thanks from Vancity Pro Chiropractic.

Best practices

The best techniques for treating pregnant patients in my own opinion as a North Vancouver Chiropractor are cox flexion decompression, and activator methods technique. My professional opinion may be shaped due to the fact that I am advanced certified in both techniques and have a lot of clinical experience with both. When a woman becomes pregnant they have to be careful not to endure any force to their body. Therefore, any technique that is used must be non-force. The practitioner should have a special table that accommodates large bellies, with either a lumbar drop or a special foam insert for the stomach. The lumbar drop in my opinion is extremely practical for treating pregnant patients.

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As a population we need to be focused on how to aid females with postural pain during pregnancy. More technology has to be developed to help reduce pressure on joint and reduce stress on the uterus.


The woman’s belly can fit into the drop piece for the lumbar area and the rest of the patient’s chest, head, and legs can be supported properly. Subsequently, the female’s spine can be relaxed and in proper position. Thereafter, activator methods or cox flexion can be applied to the affected joint. Both techniques are completely different and can be applied together. Activator methods is a non-force tool that applies a safe adjustment to the joint without any chance of soreness. Cox flexion technique allows the joint to be stretched and a negative intradiscal pressure to be applied to the disc.

Alternative techniques

Other therapies that are safe and effective for pregnancy patients are TENS, massage, interferential therapy, and acupuncture. As a North Vancouver Chiropractor, I am aware of the difficulties women face during pregnancy. That is why at Vancity Pro Chiropractic we have developed a specific program for pregnant patients to receive the most advanced chiropractic treatments available. Having all the tools and techniques up to date is crucial in providing the best care possible. Active release technique for tight and painful muscles, activator methods for misaligned vertebrae, cox flexion decompression for bulging discs, interferential treatment for sore and painful muscles, TENS for pain and trigger point therapy for headaches and sore muscles. At Vancity Pro Chiropractic we are prepared to deal with any musculoskeletal patient that walks in the door. Our mission is to provide top notch care while always focusing on the patients’ needs and wants.