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Soft Tissue Therapy

Dr. Reza Khamneipur, D.C. is certified in Upper Extremity Active Release Technique. Active Release Therapy is a state of the art soft tissue system that is designed to remove scar tissue from muscles, ligaments and tendons. Soft tissue chiropractic manipulation in conjunction with mobilization has been shown to create incredible results. Reducing pain, inflammation, heat and above all increasing range of motion is the greatest benefit seen by patients. This has become one of the leading treatment protocols around the world.

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Soft tissue chiropractic therapy


Chiropractic possesses the power of mobilization. Chiropractors use mobilization to reverse changes caused by misaligned bone. Research shows bad posture and misaligned vertebrae can lead to long term osteoarthritis. Bones, and soft tissues are affected by compressive forces due to stress from misaligned bone. Chiropractors are trained in finding areas of poor alignment and subsequently restoring proper alignment. This process is a very simple idea, but very difficult to accomplish. Your North Vancouver Soft Tissue Chiropractor with the training and education in active release can help restore your spine back to optimal health. 


Soft Tissue Therapy for Mobilization


Allow your Chiropractor to choose the right course of care for you.  There are different treatment types for different individuals and conditions. Active release may help treat:

soft tissue injury pain
soft tissue stiffness
upper extremity pain



Stretching in conjunction with chiropractic active release therapy will help you heal faster. Proper stretching is important, therefore consult with your Doctor first before taking on any major stretching regiment.


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A comprehensive examination can allow your Chiropractor to address your chiropractic care needs.  

Initial Adjustment

First treatment can always be a shock to the body. Just like working out at the gym changes to the body’s alignment and tissues can cause slight soreness.

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Continued Treatment Plan

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