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Can Chiropractic treatments help with my Bulging Disc!

Absolutely, Chiropractic treatments are very successful in treating Disc Bulges. Cox Flexion Decompression is a non surgical, drug free, hands on technique that gently reduces the intradiscal pressure to – 192 mm Hg, thus allowing the disc bulge to be reduced in size. By reducing the pressure within the disc, Cox Flexion reduces pressure to the spinal nerve, increases the area in the spinal canal, improves joint mobility, reduces inflammation, and helps stop pain in the back of the neck, low back and extremities.

Dr. Reza Khamneipur, D.C. is highly trained in the Cox technique and certified by National University of Health Sciences in Cox Flexion Decompression.

North Vancouver Chiropractic Best Treatments for Bulging Disc

Best Chiropractic Care help for Tennis Elbow

Does Chiropractic Care help with my Tennis elbow?

Active Release Technique is a highly successful treatment outcome for patients with extremity pain syndromes. Tennis elbow, which is the result of over use of the extensor muscles in the upper forearm from tennis or other activities is identical to other soft tissue injuries to the body. With most repetitive sports, work or home injuries the body’s response to healing is to lay down sporadic collagen fibres to the affected area. This can unfortunately result in a muscle, ligament or tendon developing too much scar tissue. Subsequently, the body will have restricted range of motion, swelling and pain in that area frequently. Luckily, Active Release Technique is a highly affective treatment that helps remove access unwanted scar tissue to a muscle. Within several treatments the patient will notice their range of motion, coordination and pain improving.

Dr. Reza Khamneipur, D.C. got his certification in Upper Extremity Active Release technique in San Francisco, California.