North Vancouver provides endless possibilities for health and healing, where at every glance new life and wonder can be seen. Welcome the power of nature and its all mighty power of restoration.

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Healthy Hiking Trail in North Vancouver's Capilano Area

Healthy Healing Veiws at North Vancouver's Coastal Shores

Experience Vancouver

Nestled between the majestic Mountains of the North Shore and surrounded by the beautiful beaches, Vancouver offers unbelievable access to nature along with ritzy upscale amenities.

Iconic suspension bridges nestled in between the cozy mountains of the charming North Vancouver mountains. Roller blading along the Sea wall or Stanley Park with a friend while gazing at the old growth forests. Take a 45 minute scenic drive to Squamish from Vancouver and go for a hike up the Chief or take a Sea to Sky Gondola. Continue the journey up to Whistler and enjoy a romantic dinner with your partner.

All of the city’s incredible landmarks and iconic attractions are just a stones through away from downtown Vancouver. Whether you cross the historic Lions Gate Bridge to enter into North Shore or go for a tour of Science World, there are so many wonderful sights and sounds to experience in Vancouver. There are so many reasons we must be thankful for the beauty of our surroundings.

Living in Vancouver, British Columbia we are truly blessed to be alive. Vancouver is known for its amazing adventures that it offers it spectators. Hiking, biking, skiing, swimming, fishing and many more activities can be found in the city. Unfortunately, many Vancouver patients find themselves in pain and unable to participate in activities due to pain and limited range of motion. From a bad back to a bad knee it seems impossible to hike up Grouse Mountain or the Chief. Watching friends get in shape and hike every weekend can be frustrating to say the least.

Natural Healing Destinations Near our Clinic

At VanCityPro Chiropractic we are proud to be minutes away from many of the most beautiful natural health attractions in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Some of the incredible sites to be seen are Capilano suspension bridge, Lynn Canyon suspension bridge, Grouse mountain, Cleveland dam, Deep Cove, Park and Tilford Gardens, Mount Seymour, and Mount Fromme to name a few.

Luckily, VanCityPro Chiropractic is located minutes away from all our favourite health and healing destinations. Our clinic is located between Roosevelt Crescent and Clyde Avenue just off Marine drive. Before or after your Chiropractic treatment jump in your car and take in a natural spot of wonder. Maybe venture off to the Capilano Suspension bridge and try something new.


The Capilano suspension bridge spans 140 metres over and 70 metres above the Capilano River. The word Capilano comes from the First Nations language and translates into beautiful river. The bridge, which is located in the District of North Vancouver was built in 1889 with hemp ropes and cedar planks. Over the next century the suspension bridge was completely rebuilt to accommodate over 800 thousand visitors a year. Totem poles hand carved by the First Nations find home throughout the park. The totem poles were created with the intention to preserve the art and traditions of the North Coast Native culture. Capilano Suspension bridge is located approximately 3.4 kms or 8 minutes from Vancitypro Chiropractic at 1093 Roosevelt Crescent in North Vancouver. Take marine drive and turn left on Garden avenue, then take a right on Capilano road and within 1.8 kms you will be ready to cross the iconic bridge.

Grouse Mountain

Another incredible destination steps away from our clinic is Grouse Mountain, which has a reputation for 365 days a year of pure adventure. Whether you take a hike up the mountain or hop onto the Grouse mountain sky ride, the view from the top of Grouse Mountain is spectacular. During the summers you can enjoy going for a hike, viewing the lumberjack presentation, walking past the wildlife refuge, or taking a scenic helicopter ride. If hiking is your goal, surviving the 2800 feet ascent from the plateau to the top of the mountain peek can be an adrenaline rush. To put that into perspective that is 2830 steps to get to the top of the mountain. For winter sports junkies Grouse Mountain provides world class skiing, snow boarding, snow shoeing and cross country skiing.

Mount Seymour

An alternative mountain to visit in North Vancouver is Mount Seymour, which has an ascent of over 4750 feet. The mountain is located in Mount Seymour provincial park, whereby it provides hiking or skiing all year long. Luckily Mount Seymour is only a half an hour drive from downtown Vancouver for Lower Mainland residents. Scenic views of Vancouver, Mount Baker and Indian Arm can be enjoyed from the peak of the mountain. As well, wildlife enthusiasts can enjoy their favourite past time, bird watching. Hiking, biking, skiing, snow shoeing are just some of activities this amazing attraction has to offer.

The City of North Vancouver

We are so fortunate to have such eye catching and adventurous destinations in North Vancouver. But for many of North Vancouver residents the history of the city comes to mind. North Vancouver, which is located directly across the Burrard Inlet was home first to the Squamish First Nations, Tseil-Waututh First Nation, and the Musqueam First Nations people. In 1972, Captain George Vancouver arrived in the Burrard Inlet and became the first European settler. Since then, North Vancouver has flourished into a beautiful city that it is today.

It seems North Shore is the perfect city for connecting with nature. Patients may want to take a break after hiking, biking, skiing and other outdoor activities. Finding a place to unwind and possibly stretch tight and achey muscles within the city may be a great idea.

A great place to go stretch near our clinic at 1093B Roosevelt Crescent is Norgate park located at 1578 McGuire Ave in North Vancouver. Once you arrive there it is important to make sure you go for a moderate walk to warm up your body and circulate blood flow. Then you may want to stretch your tight hip flexors, lower back, hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves while you are taking in the surroundings.

Driving Injuries in North Vancouver

Luckily North Vancouver is not included in ICBC’s most dangerous intersections over the past several years. However, auto accidents do happen in North Vancouver, especially on Lion’s Gate Bridge, and patients should exercise caution at each intersection. It is crucial to drive within the speed limit, never drive impaired, keep 2 seconds distance from the car in front of you, purchase cars with advanced safety systems, stop at red lights, stop and look both ways at an intersection, and always where your seatbelt. If by any chance you are one of the unlucky passengers that is involved in a car accident it is imperative to take proper steps for your health. If you have life threatening injuries then get an ambulance and go to the emergency room immediately. If you have whiplash make an appointment with our North Vancouver Chiropractor and start treatment.

Shock may be the first symptoms a patient with whiplash experiences after an accident. Thereafter, a patient will start to develop pain, swelling and stiffness. Your Chiropractic physician will make sure to address your first 72 hours of trauma, which can leave patients with severe neck, back pain and swelling. Thereafter, regular adjustments will address spinal misalignments due to whiplash.

The secret is not to give up on treatment as you may have flair ups but long term conditions improve with continuous chiropractic care. Do not let yourself become a chronic pain patient and suffer from continuous pain and suffering. Call your Vancouver Chiropractor and seek help today. You do not have to suffer and endure years of inactivity from old or re-occuring injuries. The secret in to get an accurate diagnosis of your condition and start Chiropractic treatments. Then you will be able to increase your activities of daily living and reduce functional disabilities. Low impact activities like hiking, swimming, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, walking the city, bike riding through the sea wall can help burn more calories than high intensity cardiovascular sports training. As well, create less stress on the body’s soft tissues and bones.

Why We Love Vancouver

Vancouver is natural wonderland. A mesmerizing coral reef casting spells on the ocean marine life, while simultaneously giving us peace and harmony. The magical workmanship of Bees that is known to nature as cross pollination. A forest standing guard to our beautiful lakes and allowing our ecosystem to thrive. Salmons swimming up stream ready to spawn and be visited from unsuspected predators. These miracles prove natures miracles are real and powerful.

Can we measure the benefits that nature gives us spiritually and not just with its shapely touch. A world filled with so much materialism, how can we justify not spending more time outdoors.

The answer is that we all depend on the resources that nature provides us for daily survival. We all survive based on the ecosystems nature provides us. The power of nature is amongst our reach. Vancouver still embodies these qualities nature gives us and allows us be a spectator in the amazing sport called life.

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