For most of us making a trip to a therapist can be cumbersome. We are inundated with to do lists and when another task pops up we may not get around to doing it. But for some of us getting the care and attention we need is crucial for our health. Whether you need to make an appointment with your psychologist, registered massage therapist, naturopath, Chiropractor and or any others it can be a daunting task. We don’t ever want to think there is an issue with our health let alone that we may need help. This article will hopefully shed some light on the benefits of taking action on improving your mental and physical health. The first consultation is part of the first step of this journey.

Courageous people take bigger risks and get the bigger rewards.

It may be time to be courageous and make new and positive changes in your life. It is time to get excited to make your first consultation and start on the path of a whole new life. Just let destiny take charge and let go. Amazing things will happen.

Being a Chiropractor is rewarding

As a Chiropractor who has been in involved in years of consultations with patients there has been tremendous insight gained by being present. There is a delicate dance between a clinician and a patient. It is extremely important for both parties to be engaged and take the process whole-heartedly. What can you expect from your first visit?

Be honest with yourself and your body. Self-realization is an amazing thing and will help you get to know who you are mentally, physically and spiritually. Allowing your mind to be set free will help you in your first consultation. The body is an amazing thing and will heal properly if you set it free.

During your first visit the clinician or office staff will lead you through basic paperwork. There is the conventional consent form that will explain the risk associated with getting treatment. Not all therapies may require this form but it is important each office explain any and all risks associated with the therapy. If you have any questions or concerns it is best that a discussion be had to lay any questions at rest. There may be other forms such as a medical history intake sheet and basic personal information intake. Filling in these forms out properly is extremely important so the Doctor or clinician may have all the information present to help make the best-informed diagnosis. Also, certain conditions may be familiar, which means that they are passed down in the family.

After all paper work is done and signed then you will enter the second phase of your consultation, which is the patient history. During this part of the consultation the clinician will go through and ask you specific questions that will help determine an accurate diagnosis. Questions to expect can range from when the onset of the pain began, how frequent the pain is, and if the pain travels from its primary location. These are all questions that you may expect to be asked by your Vancouver Chiropractor. It is important to be thorough with you answers and try and recall everything that you may have experienced. After giving a thorough history you will go through a physical examination that may include imaging.

Physical examinations can be uncomfortable, especially if you are in medium to high level of discomfort. The clinician will most likely do an orthopedic examination specific to the area of concern. Orthopedic tests involve the doctor putting the patient in certain positions to recreate the symptoms.

It is time to see your Chiropractor and make a better, healthier you. If you are ready to take charge and get adjusted, then your Vancouver Chiropractor is here for you. Years of bad posture and trauma lead to all sorts of postural disturbances. Also time is a factor in healing and should never be overlooked. As many traumas develop over an entire lifetime it may take the same time to reverse the effects caused by them. Many of us cannot remember falling off our bicycle and hitting our head on the pavement or falling off a tree onto our back but these are the injuries that have affected our body and may need looking at.

Imaging like MRI’s and X rays are frequently taken for physical conditions to look for signs of degeneration, soft tissue damage or postural abnormalities. Chiropractor read and do an analysis of the X rays to determine abnormalities in posture that be contributing to the condition. Red flags are also the first thing a Doctor will look for to see if neoplasms, soft tissue instability or life threatening fractures exist. If they do find a reg flag, this becomes an emergency room situation. The patient should not wait and may want to have an ambulance take them to the hospital.

After the consultation is over, the doctor may require you to come back at a later date so that he can take a look at lab results, imaging and study patient histories. When the doctor does give you your diagnosis you may decide to get a second opinion or start treatment. In the case you begin your Chiropractic treatments, you will want to understand what type of treatment and how often your will be treated. There are various different methods of treatment that can range from hands on adjustments to non-force activator methods treatment.

For emergency cases        Call 911